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René Lavand

The Storyteller

René Lavand

René Lavand

Doubtlessly, he is one of the greatest illusionists from Argentina and around the world. His real name is Héctor René Lavandera, and he was born in September 24, 1928, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his childhood, he moved with his family to Coronel Suárez, 590 kilometers (367 miles) away from Buenos Aires, and lastly, to Tandil (269 kilometers or 434 miles away from Buenos Aires), his place in the world.

He did not feel dispirited, though, and he transformed his accident into an art. He explains that he is a completely self-taught illusionist, considering there were no books to learn how to do magic with just one hand.

When he was young, he worked in a bank for ten years, never putting aside his deck of cards, which went everywhere with him.

At the age of 32, he made his debut in the Tabarís, a well-known theater in Buenos Aires, and the international tours and television programs began, both at home and outside: Ted Sullivan, Johnny Carson, for example.

Ever since that moment, he hasn’t stopped performing in countless theaters, like the Magic Castle, in Hollywood, where the legendary Dai Vernon, among other great magicians, performed excellently.

He has a foreground style, and the talent that he puts into practice has captivated spectators from many countries.

Perhaps, one of his greatest virtues might be his special management of “pauses” or dramatic silences, which only great artists can handle.






A narrator of amazing stories during the development of his illusions, Lavand recognizes Rolando Chirico and Ricardo Martín as the creators of his magical illusions’ stories. “He understands my job, my art and my personal style deeply.”

Nowadays, he lives in Tandil with his wife Nora, he teaches magic in a train wagon he has converted into a magic room, named by himself as “Pata de Fierro” (Iron Leg), and he keeps on travelling, but he wouldn’t even think about abandoning his children or his place.

Illusionist, illusion... How good those words sound! I like them better than magic, magicians, prestidigitation, prestidigitators. I liked the term in itself, and also, in my opinion, it is the one that best suits the labelling of our art, because we are precisely that: creators of illusions. Look at what illusions can make us do!”

“I am an illusionist. I have travelled across the five continents with a deck of cards. Moreover, thanks to the magic of television, here is my story.”

El Arte de las Formas