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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions of Use Site - Current Version 30 -May- 2014

The general terms and conditions (" Terms and Conditions " ) described below are applicable to the use of services offered by Nontricks SRL ( "Services" ) within nontricks.com sites bemagician.com , hidden- art.com , nicolaspierri.com , notjustmagic.com , notonlymagic.com , truthidden.com ( " Nontricks " or the "Site" ) . Any person (hereinafter " User" or plural " Users") who wish to access and / or use the Site or the Services may do so subject to the respective Terms and Conditions , together with all other policies and principles and Nontricks which are incorporated herein by reference .


The User must read , understand and accept all the conditions laid down in the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy as well as other documents incorporated therein by reference, before its registration as user Nontricks .

01 -

The Services are available only to persons having legal capacity to contract. May not use the services of people who do not have that capability, minors or Nontricks users who have been temporarily suspended or permanently disabled.

02 - Registration

It is mandatory to complete the registration form in all fields with valid to use the services provided Nontricks data. The future user must complete with your personal information accurate, precise and true ( "Personal Data" ) and is committed to update the personal data as necessary. Nontricks may use various means to identify Members , but Nontricks NOT responsible for the accuracy of the personal data provided by its users . Users guarantee and respond, in any case , the truthfulness , accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data entered.

At its sole discretion, may require additional Nontricks registration to users , as a requirement for users to access these special packages.

Nontricks reserves the right to request a receipt and / or additional information in order to corroborate the Personal Data data as well as to temporarily or permanently suspend those users whose data have not been confirmed .

Users will access your personal account ("Account" ) by entering your Username and Password chosen personal security ( " Security Key " ) . The User undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of your Security Key .

The Account is personal, unique and non-transferable , and is prohibited from registering or one user has more than one account . Should Nontricks detect different accounts containing data matching or related , you may cancel , suspend or disable them .

The User shall be liable for all transactions on your Account , since access to it is restricted to entry and use of your Security Key , known only to the User. The User agrees to notify immediately Nontricks and through suitable and reliable , any unauthorized use of your Account, and the income from unauthorized parties thereto. It is clarified that the sale, assignment or transfer under any title features is prohibited.

Nontricks reserves the right to reject any application for registration or cancel a registration previously accepted , but is not obliged to disclose or explain the reasons for its decision and without implying any right to compensation or redress.

03 - Amendments to the Agreement

Nontricks may amend the Terms and Conditions at any time by the public at the site the modified terms . All amended terms will take effect ten (10 ) days of its publication . Within five (5 ) days after the publication of the amendments , the User must notify days by e- mail if you do not accept them; then stand dissolved and the link will be disabled as long as User has no outstanding debts. After this period , the User shall be deemed to accept the new terms and the contract will continue to be binding on both parties.

04 - List of Goods

4.1 Including pictures and photographs

Nontricks will use pictures, videos, texts and pictures of products available which correspond to the article, video or material that is being displayed , and the enforcement of laws that protect your copyright , except in the case of goods or products or services that by their nature do not allow that correspondence.

Nontricks may prevent any publication if interpreted , in its sole discretion , does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.

4.2 Prohibited Items . Only be admitted goods the sale not be tacitly or expressly prohibited by the Terms and other policies Nontricks and Conditions or by applicable law .

4.3 Protection of Intellectual Property. Nontricks not publish products or services that violate intellectual property rights . Rights holders may identify and request removal of those items at its discretion infringe or violate his rights , and report it to info@nonticks.com Should Nontricks suspect is committing or has committed an illegal activity or to violate intellectual or industrial property Nontricks reserves the right to take all appropriate measures to understand , which may include access to the complainant and other holders of these rights to some of your personal data as described in the Policy Privacy.

05 - Information Privacy

To use the services offered by Nontricks , users must provide certain personal data . Your personal information is processed and stored on magnetic media or servers that maintain high standards of security and physical and technological protection . For more information about the privacy of personal data and cases to be revealed personal information , you can consult our Privacy Policy .

06 - Obligations of Members

6.1 Obligations of the Buyer . By purchasing an item you agree to be bound by the conditions of sale included in the item description to the extent that they do not violate the law or the Terms and other policies Nontricks and Conditions. The tender offer is irrevocable except in exceptional circumstances , for free criterion considered Nontricks and then the user request via email to info@nontricks.com .

Purchases will only be considered valid once they have been processed by the computer system Nontricks .

Taxes . As established by the tax legislation , the buyer should require the seller invoice or sales receipt as proof of the transaction. The seller is not obliged to issue a receipt or invoice in the case of an individual who makes occasional sales .

6.2 . Nontricks obligations . Nontricks has the legal ability to sell the property subject to the offer.

Only in exceptional cases may retract Nontricks sale, by contacting the user to tell you.

Nontricks is responsible for all duties and tax charges that apply for the sale of your items.

07 - Prohibitions

Users can not perform actions that are illegal or violate cataloged the various policies mentioned by Nontricks . These activities will be investigated by Nontricks and the offender shall be liable to suspension or cancellation of the purchase and even register as user Nontricks and / or in any other way it deems appropriate , without prejudice to any legal action to may arise in the setting of crimes or misdemeanors or civil damages caused to Nontricks or other Users.

08 - Violations of System or Database

Is not permitted any action or use of device , software, or other means tending to interfere in the activities and operations of Nontricks or bids , descriptions, accounts or databases Nontricks . Any interference, attempt or violation or contrary to the laws on intellectual property and / or activity of the prohibitions set forth in this contract will liable to the charge of the legal action , and penalties provided by this agreement , as well as be responsible to compensate the damages.

09 - Penalties . Suspending operations

Without prejudice to other measures , Nontricks may warn , suspend temporarily or permanently disable a User Account or publication , apply a sanction , initiate actions deemed appropriate and / or suspend your account if ( a) it was smashed some law, or any provision of the Terms and Conditions and other policies Nontricks ; ( b ) if you fail to comply with its commitments as User; ( c ) if in the opinion of Nontricks incurred in conduct or willful or fraudulent acts ; ( d ) could not be verified the identity of the user or any information provided by the same regardless erroneous. In the case of suspension or disqualification of a user, all purchases and use rights will expire automatically .

10 - Responsibility

Nontricks available to Users and visitors of the page, a virtual space that will get you a variability of products and related services world of magic , some are or will be free, others will be marketable products or services. Nontricks own , in whole or in part, any of the products or services offered ; others, does not have possession of them or the solicitor is for sale . Nontricks only involved in processing of transactions of their products or services, or for which it is associated. The conditions are as listed on each product or service in these terms and conditions or policies set different on every page . Nontricks not be liable to the products or services that are not owned as to the existence , quality, quantity, condition , completeness or legitimacy of the goods or services acquired or disposed of by the users, as well as the ability to recruit Users or the accuracy of the personal data entered by them .

The User acknowledges and agrees that when performing operations on other products or services that are not owned by Nontricks do so at your own risk. In any case Nontricks be liable for lost profits or any other damage and / or injury that may have been suffered by the User , due to operations performed or not performed for articles published through Nontricks , and are not owned , fully or partially.

Nontricks recommended act with prudence and common sense when performing operations. Nontricks not hire minors or individuals who use a false identity , all products are properly documented property . Nontricks NOT be responsible for the offering and / or transactions with other persons who provide services or products that are not owned by Nontricks based on confidence in the system or services provided by Nontricks .

Should one or more users or any third party initiating any claim or legal action against any of the suppliers of products and services that are not related or are not owned by Nontricks , every one of the users involved in such claims or actions exempt from liability Nontricks and their directors, officers , employees, agents , operators, representatives and agents.

11 - Scope of services Nontricks

This agreement does not create any partnership , in office, franchise , or employment relationship between Nontricks , suppliers of products and services, and the User . Nontricks can not ensure that a user does not provide accurate information or you can check the identity or personal data entered by users. Nontricks not guarantee the accuracy of third party advertisements to appear on the site and is not responsible for the mail or User celebrate contracts with such third parties or other Users.

12 - System failures

Nontricks not responsible for any damage, injury or loss to Licensee caused by system failures , server or the Internet. Nontricks not be liable for any viruses that may infect the User's computer as a result of accessing , using or examining your website or following any transfer of data, files, images, text, or audio contained therein . Users may NOT impute liability or demand payment for loss of profits , under loss resulting from technical difficulties or system failures or Internet . Nontricks not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access to and use of your site. The system may occasionally be unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failures , or any other circumstance beyond Nontricks ; in such cases will seek to restore as quickly as possible without any fault why some responsibility . Nontricks not be liable for any errors or omissions in its website.

13 - Rates . billing

Registration on Nontricks is free. Wizards or service not associated with Nontricks must pay a fee for their publications in the sections that do not offer products , which are the exclusive domain of Nontricks ; Customer shall pay you only when you purchase a product or service online via the price in the page.

The User agrees to pay to Nontricks Rate , charges for publication or any other service provided by Nontricks for which he has established a current rate .

Nontricks reserves the right to modify, change, add , or delete the current rates at any time , which will be notified to Members in the manner prescribed in Clause 3 . Yet Nontricks may temporarily change the Fees Policy and fees for their services because of promotions, these modifications to be effective when made ​​public promotion or advertisement is made.

Nontricks reserves the right to take legal and other measures deemed necessary to obtain payment of the amount due .

If charges have been billed had not matched , the user should contact our team by info@nontricks.com Customer to resolve the issue. Any questions , check our Billing Policy .

14 - Intellectual property . Links

The contents of the screens on Nontricks services as well as programs , databases , networks, files that allow the user to access and use your Account Nontricks are owned and protected by laws and international treaties copyright, trademarks, patents , industrial models and designs. The abuse and total or partial reproduction of these contents is prohibited without express written permission of Nontricks .

The Site may contain links to other websites does not indicate which owned or operated by Nontricks . Under that Nontricks has no control over such sites , NO is responsible for the content, materials , activities and / or services provided by them, or for damage or loss caused by the use thereof, whether caused directly or indirectly. The presence of links to other websites does not imply a partnership relationship , approval, backing Nontricks to such sites and their content.

15 - Compensation

The User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Nontricks (including but not limited to its related companies , their respective directors, officers , employees, representatives , agents and employees ) from any claim or demand (including reasonable attorneys' fees) made ​​by any user and / or third party for any breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use and other Annexes and policies that are deemed to be incorporated herein , and / or any law and / or rights of others .

To this end , the User authorizes Nontricks to: i ) intervene and represent it in such claims or demands , being able to reach agreements without limitation, on its behalf ; ii ) retain and debit your account the existing funds and / or future ; and / or iii ) generate specific charges on the turnover.

16 - Program for Intellectual Property Protection

As stated in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy publication, there are items whose sale is prohibited Nontricks . Therefore, we are committed to remove the products or services that infringe copyright laws that are reported by the owner or a representative or agent of the owner of such rights.

Our Policy on Protection of Intellectual Property ( hereinafter " Policy " ) is intended to prevent them from being listed or offered through Nontricks , items that violate any Intellectual Property Rights , whether copyrights, patents , trademarks, designs and / or industrial designs.

People can identify and request removal of the products at their discretion infringe or violate their intellectual property rights .

Any company or Physics or a legal holder of Intellectual Property Law who considers that his right is infringed by a well published or offered in Nontricks Person is entitled to join the program as well and request removal of such product or service .

Nontricks staff will answer any question that info@nontricks.com curse by trying to respond quickly and effectively to allegations of the products or services that infringe intellectual property rights .

Document is still under development .

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