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Waking Dream

Level: Intermediate

Have you ever experienced a very real dream?

Ignacio López invites us to immerse ourselves in the fantastic world of dreams. But, Watch out! “Waking Dream” is not an average trick. It is a true lesson about the creation of a script, involving in-depth analysis of the gestures and words to stimulate the audience to fall into the fiction.

Considering the classic plot "Four cards repeat", Ignacio has been investigating versions of different magicians, such as George McBride, Paul Gordon, David Williamson, Tom Stone, Dan Garret, Jerry Zadowitz, among others, to create his own aproach. A version that does not intend to be better than others, but different: it leads us to other path, the path of dreams.

We invite you to join him, but be carefull…remember to wake up!

Ignacio Lopez



El Arte de las Formas